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vjVTK: Write Once - Visualize Everywhere

vjVTK is a open-source library enables applications to directly use the visualization power of the Visualization ToolKit (VTK) within the flexibility of the VR Juggler framework. Using the library users can directly program the VTK visualization pipeline in their C++ class with the OpenGL graphical output being displayed through VR Juggler. Combining VTK with VR Juggler, allows the user to take advantage of VR Juggler's hardware abstraction and display flexibility.

The library is coded to provide simple access for users, whether former VTK users, VR Juggler users, or novices to both. Abstracting for a special Juggler Application class, VTKApp, the user can simply specify the configuration files which specify input devices and display configurations. Several classes exist which transparently and seamlessly bridge the VTK OpenGL interface with VR Juggler display abstractions. In creating the VTK pipeline the user can safely ignore having to setup the display portion, and instead focus on their visualization. The user simply adds all graphical objects (props, actors and lights in VTK terms) vjVTK's special Renderer class, vjRenderer, with the same functions as the would in a traditional VTK setting.

More to the vjVTK project can be found at the projects website: http://imve.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/blom/vjVTK.html

contact:  blom@informatik.uni-hamburg.de


vjVTK: a toolkit for interactive visualization in Virtual Reality

Blom K.
Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments ( EGVE) '06, R. Hubbold and M. Ling (ed.),
May 2006, Lisbon, Portugal, p. 17-19
File(s): Paper (PDF)

People involved:

Kristopher J. Blom