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Media Art Overview

Media Art is an ongoing topic at im.ve. It started in 2004 with the exhibition of "Eyes in Motion I" at Siggraph Art Gallery. Since then, we conducted a Media Art ProjectSeminar, (PS Media Art) developed interactive installations like SoundVision and GranulatSynthese, had exhibitions at ars electronica festival, Kunsthalle Bremen, and other places, and co-curated an exhibition in Linz. Several scientific and art publications and "The John Lansdown Award for Digital Interactive Art" resulted from this activity.
Our activities are motivated by our research into experience and perception with a strong connection to our HCI research.

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Medienkunst oder die Kunst die Medien zu erforschen

Steffi Beckhaus
it-Information Technology
Jahrgang 51 (2009) Heft 6, S. 313-318
Schwerpunktthema Medieninformatik, Boll (hrsg.), Verlag Oldenbourg, DOI 10.1524/itit.2009.0556
File(s): Paper (pdf)
Website(s): IT TZeitschrift Oldenbourgh Verlag


Steffi Beckhaus, Tanja Döring, Roland Schröder-Kroll
In: Siebenundzwanzig Bremer Netzkunstaffairen, Alsleben und Antke Eske (Hg.), pp. 38-39, 93-95, ISBN 978-3-8370-6155-0, edition kuecocokue, Hamburg, 2008

SoundVision — Ton zu Bild und Bild zu Ton, eine vernetzte Konversation

Steffi Beckhaus, Roland Schröder-Kroll, Tanja Döring, Thorsten Juckel
Proceedings of WS for "Innovative Computerbasierte Musikinterfaces", Mensch & Computer 2008, Lübeck, 2008. pp 120-123.

[BSE08] Back to the sandbox - Playful Interaction with Granules Landscapes

Beckhaus S., Schröder-Kroll R., Berghoff M.
Proceedings of Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI)'08, p. 141-144, Bonn, 02/2008
File(s): Paper (pdf)

Eyes in Motion I

Beckhaus S.
Siggraph 2004, Art Gallery, Electronic Art and Animation Cataloge, p. 10,
August, 2004
Website(s): Gallery

People involved:

Steffi Beckhaus