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ACTIF - interACTor centric Interaction Framework

Getting ACTIF

ACTIF resources are hosted by sourceforge.net and can be found on the sourceforge.net website.

The most recent version of the ACTIF project can be downloaded from sourceforge in packaged form.

Alternatively, the development version of ACTIF can be retrieved from the svn repository also hosted there with the command:
svn co https://actif.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/actif/trunk actif



GMTL (Generic Math Template Libraries)   http://ggt.sourceforge.net/
CMake (>= 2.4)                                       http://www.cmake.org

Optional systems

Avango - VR System      http://sourceforge.net/projects/avango/
OpenSceneGraph(OSG) http://www.openscenegraph.org/
SGI Performer
VR Juggler                     http://www.vrjuggler.org
VRPN                            http://www.vrpn.org

doxygen (for building documentation)


Building Instructions


*nix systems (linux):
the build system can be run either in-source or out of source

for an in-source build:
> ccmake .
   select the desired components
   build the build system (option g after configuring)>
> make
> make install 
(if desired)

for an out of source build:
> mkdir build && cd build
> ccmake
   select the desired components
   build the build system (option g after configuring)>
> make
> make install 
(if desired)

run cmake
   select the project directory where ACTIF is unpacked
   select the desired build system (cygwin, VS)
   select the desired components
if using VS
   run VS and open the project file created.
   build the project.


installation can be performed following teh *nix instructions above.
alternative build methods under OSX should work, but have not yet been tested.

Building applications that use ACTIF

The ACTIF libraries can be used as with any such project. The build process builds dynamic link libraries (.so;.dylib) or static libraries (.lib) per default dependent on the cmake configuration.  Using ACTIF can be done in a number of ways.  The Examples delivered can form a starting point.  ACTIF can be integrated in existing systems or a program can be built up alone.  One of the most important portions is integrating ACTIF into build process. The Examples use cmake for the build system.  The also involve dynamic file creation from prototypes (and in one case copying a file from the vrjuggler example it is based on due to source changes between juggler version).  Cmake based build tools are provided for this, in particular the ACTIFConfig.cmake file that is created during the build process, includes ACTIF and some dependency settings. The alternative methods involve your own build system. One simple way is basing your own cmake build (CMakeLists.txt) on the examples, but building your own system. The extra Find*.cmake files may be very useful for this (found in the actif source dir under CMakeModules). Of courese, ACTIF has fairly simple requirements, so incorporation into a standard build process generally involves only adding the proper include directory, library directory, and library references.

The libraries you will require are dependent on what system you are using.  libCore and libInteractionModules are generally required. If using OSG and VR Juggler, then the includes of libIFModulesOSG and libIFModulesVJ are also needed.