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ACTIF - interACTor centric Interaction Framework

ACTIF is an interACTor centric Interaction Framework for usage in immersive Virtual Reality setting. ACTIF differs from traditional interaction  frameworks by explicitly building interactions based on the interactor in the system.  This is manifest in the system as the Virtual Actor (an abstraction of the user and the interactor in the virtual system). The Virtual Actor provides a new way to develop interactions, by providing a structure to the interaction process. The result is three phases of processing: device mapping, interpretation, and consequences.

ACTIF is a C++ framework (though with scripting extensions for compatibility with other projects). The framework is cross platform and is designed to dock onto existing VR software systems. ACTIF currently has connections to various software systems, VR Juggler, OpenSceneGraph, VRPN, AVANGO, SGI Performer. The kernel of ACTIF is reliant only on the GMTL (Generic Math Template Language) open source project (which is used by VR Juggler). ACTIF is extensible to be incorporated into other systems. 

Getting ACTIF

ACTIF 0.6.0 is the most recent stable release of ACTIF.  It can be retrieved from the sourceforge.net website following the instructions below.

ACTIF was released as OpenSource (LGPL) Oct. 24, 2008.


Installation and Usage instructions
Doxygen generated code documentation (currently a mix of English and German source documentation. Remaining docu still in German).

Release and Revision History

This release of ACTIF introduces major features over the 0.5.x versions. Most code with prior versions will require minor changes to work with the new version.

- Introduced Functionality: -

Priority levels are now for IMs and Consequences
Priority levels are now run as a loop of IMs and Consequences
Introduction of the exitState and enterState functionality, which
the DeviceMappers, IMs, and Consequences introduce virtually.

- Updates Include: -
 * new travel methods
 * new "skewer" selection method
 * massive overhaul of examples, vjOSG and vjPerformer
 * translation of most class documentation (excepting avango stuff)
 * addition of an explanation of the vjOSG example
 * better state change control (Gadgeteer DeviceMapper, PickByLimbIM)
 * various other functionalities added
    * UpdateSelectionItem
    * ColorOverrideHighlightConsequence
 * cleanup and style conformity work

This release improves the build system and in particular the installation and usage of the examples.


ACTIF: An Interactor Centric Interaction Framework

Nicolai Hess, Jan D.S. Wischweh, Kirsten Albrecht, Kristopher J. Blom, Steffi Beckhaus
In Proceedings of the ACM conference on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) 2008.ACM Press.2008.pp.39-42
File(s): Paper (PDF)
Website(s): DOI link to definitive ACM work

People involved:

Nicolai Hess, Jan Wischweh, Kirsten Albrecht, Gideon Otte, Kristopher J. Blom, Steffi Beckhaus