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SoundVision @ ZKM

Our installation SoundVision is part of an exhibition at ZKM (Zentrum für Medienkunst, Karlsruhe) from 15.10.2010 to 09.01.2011.

SoundVision is both exhibit and tool - a tool to reflect on the nature of conversation and the developement of speech.

Kurd Alsleben and Antje Eske work on the topic of "Konversation" since many years. The ZKM exhibition features their work. As it relies on conversation, they invited us and others, their friends, to converse on topics of interest. Steffi Beckhaus will join the conversations on 16.10. SoundVision is avaliable throughout the conference.
More about SoundVision is on the according project page. Information about the exhibition and several "conversation" that will take place during the time of the exhibition are on the webpages of ZKM and on konversationskunst.org

IEEE VR 2010 Panel: Design for Experience?!

Design for Experience?!

We organize a panel at IEEE Virtual Reality 2010 near Boston:
Tuesday, 23rd of march 2010, 3:45  to 5:45 p.m.


Steffi Beckhaus, University of Hamburg

Robert W. Lindeman, Worcester Polytechnic Institute



Henrik Strandberg, Turbine, Inc.

Steve Danuser, 38 Studios

Larry F. Hodges, Clemson University

Mark Mine, Walt Disney Imagineering

Mary C. Whitton, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Designing the user experience is a topic normally attributed to art, games and theme park entertainment, but not typically to "serious" VR research. There, we may be concerned with the experience of our "unprimed" user with the bare installation we provide.

When VR applications are presented, typically much more information is conveyed to the user than the bare planned presentation, whether on purpose or by accident. The wording of the invitation, the details of the introduction, and the visibility of the technical environment are factors that influence the way a user experiences our applications and demos; they are all colored by, and add to, the mind and experiences of the user. This fact can also be used in a supportive way. Priming, for example, can help to fill in gaps that the technical environment is not able to convey, and the user's frame of mind can be guided to complete and enrich an experience.

The purpose of this panel is to discuss the topic of accidental and purposeful experience design, the pros and cons of "designing for the user experience," and what can be done to guide the user’s frame of mind in VR and games. The panelists will provide different perspectives of this topic including;

·       The user’s mind: ingredients of a user experience

·       VR therapy and user experience

·       Priming versus not priming in psychological testing

·       The theme park designer’s way to prime users

·       The game designer's approaches to creating a user experience

Anna Logica Eröffnung

Am 16.10.2009 wurde am Informatikum der Universität Hamburg das Frauenförderprogramm der Informatik "Anna Logica" vorgestellt.

Anna Logica

Anna Logica, die Schirmherrin des Programms, stellte sich den Besuchern der Eröffnungsveranstaltung bei Prosecco und Popcorn vor.

Infos zu dem Programm und der angebotenen Seminarreihe finden sich auf den Seiten der Informatik: http://www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/infos/annalogica

Kurd Alsleben, Antje Eske - Von Computerzeichnungen zu Netzkunstaffairen, Kunsthalle Bremen, SoundVision

21. November 2006 bis 14. Januar 2007, Bremen, interaktive Installation SoundVision

Contributors: Tanja Döring, Thorsten Juckel, Roland Schröder-Kroll, Steffi Beckhaus

InteractionDay 2006 - Talk

11.10.2006, Rom, Germany

Contributors: Steffi Beckhaus

The Future of the Cinema - Talk

05.10.2006, BitFilm Festival, Hamburg

Contributors: Steffi Beckhaus

chairIO @ pixelspaces - ars electronica FutureLab

31.08-05.09.2006, pixelspaces, ars electronica futureLabLinz, Austria

Contributors: Steffi Beckhaus, Matthias Haringer and students

im.ve Games Encounter

regular event to jointly survey the latest games and interaction techniques, starts: 06.07.2006

Contributors: all interested students

interaktive Installationen, Mensch & Computer 2005, Linz

04.-07.09.2005, Linz, Installationen in der Ausstellung: "Entgrenzungen: Computerkunst - von der frühen Algorithmik zur Interaktivierung",

Contributors: Bastian Boltze, Tanja Döring, Thorsten Juckel, Roland Schröder-Kroll mit Steffi Beckhaus
more : im.ve Webseite http://www.mensch-und-computer.de/mc2005/
Ars Electronica web : http://www.aec.at/en/festival2005/programm/project.asp?iProjectID=13040

GCGC Paper presentation : A new gaming device and interaction method for a First-Person-Shooter, Leipzig

Wednesday, 17.08.2005, 12 Uhr, GCDC, Academic Track, Leipzig

Speaker: Matthias Haringer
Authors: S. Beckhaus, K. Blom, M. Haringer
conference website : http://www.gcdc-germany.de

"Computer Science and Magic" - Academic Track at GCDC, Leipzig

Wednesday, 17.08.2005, Leipzig
all day conference track at Games Convention Developers Conference
extended submission deadline: 19.06.2005 (submission system open to 20.06 noon, GMT+2)

organizing committee: Maic Masuch, Uli Spierling, Knut Hartmann, Steffi Beckhaus
CfP: http://wwwisg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/~hartmann/gcdc/csam.html
conference website :http://www.gcdc-germany.de

Workshop: Kooperative Spiele, Mensch & Computer 2005, Linz

Tuesday, 06.09.2005, 9:00-12:30 Uhr
Workshop, CfP: Einreichungen bis 15. August 2005

organizers: Leonie Schäfer , Steffi Beckhaus
CfP: http://fit-bscw.fit.fraunhofer.de/pub/bscw.cgi/d36436404-1/*/CfP.htm
conference website : http://www.mensch-und-computer.de/mc2005/

Ausstellung: "Entgrenzungen: Computerkunst - von der frühen Algorithmik zur Interaktivierung", Mensch & Computer 2005, Linz

04.-07.09.2005, Linz

organizers: Horst Oberquelle, Frieder Nake, Steffi Beckhaus
conference website : http://www.mensch-und-computer.de/mc2005/
Ars Electronica web : http://www.aec.at/en/festival2005/programm/project.asp?iProjectID=13040

Vortrag: "Innovativ, Unkonventionell, Effektiv?! Möglichkeiten für neue Benutzungsschnittstellen", Mensch & Computer 2005, Linz

07.09.2005, Linz, 11:30 - 12:30 Uhr, Steffi Beckhaus

conference website : http://www.mensch-und-computer.de/mc2005/ -> Programm

VR 2005: Lab Night @ caesar

Tuesday, 14.03.2005, 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr, caesar, Bonn
lab presentation: >> Chair Based Interface (>> project sheet) , >> El MusicCo, >> Interactive Atmospheric Effects, >>3Dali, >> Dance Pad Interface

organizer: VR 2005, caesar
conference website : http://www.vr2005.org


Siggraph 2004 course: Unconventional Human Computer Interfaces

Monday, 08/09/04 Half Day, 8:30 am - 12:15 pm
Level: Beginning

Most interfaces between the human user and the computer focus on visual and auditory output, and control via hand-coupled input devices. The human body, though, offers many more input and output channels, which can enrich the applications of more traditional systems that are mostly bound to the desktop. But they can also allow the emergence of new, more experimental systems that surpass today's paradigms on both functional and technical levels.

This course focuses on how we can use the potential of the human body in experimental or unconventional interface techniques. It explores the biological or physiological characteristics of the separate parts of the body, from head to toe, and from skin to heart, showing how their sensor (input) and control (output) capabilities can be applied to human-computer interfaces. It demonstrates a wide variety of applications that use proven interfaces as well as extremely experimental systems. Examples vary from desktop-based to mixed and virtual reality, with applications from areas such as art, entertainment, and science.

Attendees learn to look beyond the restrictions inherent in traditional multimedia systems by discovering and understanding how the human body can reveal great potential for new kinds of applications and systems. Human-body theory and practical knowledge on (hardware) interfaces are balanced with many examples to provide a foundation for assessing and using experimental and unconventional interaction.

organizer and presenter: Steffi Beckhaus, Ernst Kruijff
more: http://www.siggraph.org/s2004/conference/courses/17.php?pageID=conference

GI 2004 - Workshop Methoden und Werkzeuge zukünftiger Computerspiele

Monday, 20.09.2004, University Ulm
all day workshop

organizer: Maic Masuch; co-organizer: Uli Spierling, Knut Hartmann, Steffi Beckhaus
more: http://isgwww.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/games/