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VR Equipment


Our L-Shaped immersive projective VR system.

The installation described in the following is our former system. Since 2009, we use an active stereo setup. The screen setup and tracking technology used did not change.

The L-Shape is a passive projection system composed of 4 projector, 2 on each of the project surfaces. The wall is a special project surface which handles polarized light properly and is a rear project setup. The floor is also a special surface to reflect the polarized light correctly, and is front projection. The imveL uses circular polarization. The floor is 2.25m x 3.0m and adjoins the project wall, which is 3m x 2.04m. 















The imveL additionally includes a stereo surround sound system including subwoofer. Additionally the floor of the system incorporates a specially developed "sound floor" which allows low frequency virbrational feedback to be given to the user.













The imveL is currently setup to use the ARTrack2 tracking system for tracking of users and input devices. This system uses infra-red cameras, which track retro-reflective markers. In the current setup four cameras are used, placed at the
corners of the project wall.



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Tracking Devices

ARTtrack2 - infrared optical tracking





ARTtrack2 is the best solution for smaller measurement volumes.

With its compactness ARTtrack2 fits well into volume limited applications. It can be operated directly with a 12 V DC source.


Technical Specifications:

Measurement Principle
infrared optical tracking camera, to work with passive or active markers
integrated pattern recognition unit
IR source
built-in IR LED flash, wavelength 880 nm
flash energy adjustable in 8 steps (controlled by software DTrack)
frame rate max. 60 fps (adjustable)
working distance up to 4 m with passive markers, depending on marker size
max. of 6DOF targets (60 fps, simultaneously) 20 (fast mode), depending on marker size / 3 (accurate mode), depending on marker size
Field of View (FoV)
focal lengths 3.5 mm horiz: 72.8 deg, vert: 58.2 deg
focal lengths 4.5 mm horiz: 57.9 deg, vert: 45.3 deg
focal lengths 6.0 mm horiz: 42.9 deg, vert: 33.0 deg
focal lengths 8.0 mm horiz: 33.9 deg, vert: 25.8 deg
focal lengths 12.0 mm horiz: 22.2 deg, vert: 16.8 deg
Cable Connections
synchronization BNC, 75 Ω
data out 100 Mbit/s ethernet, twisted pair
Power Supply
voltage 12 Volt (external power supply 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz)
power consumption approx. 15W
size 109 mm x 78 mm x 120 mm
weight 0.96 kg


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Polhemus Liberty - electro-magnetic tracking system




Description :

The fastest, most accurate, scalable electromagnetic tracker available, LIBERTY™ represents a quantum leap in new technology. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics make it the perfect real-time solution for six degree-of-freedom needs. LIBERTY has speed, ease-of-use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), scalability, distortion sensing and improved signal to noise ratios which increase stability and resolution while providing consistent high quality data.

LIBERTY incorporates an unprecedented speed of 240 updates per second per sensor, the ability to upgrade from four sensor channels to eight by the addition of a single circuit board and detection distortion, all the while providing the most accurate and consistent data. With the addition of the Polhemus Stylus, LIBERTY becomes a highly accurate 3D digitizer.

Technical Specifications:


Update Rate (per sec) 240 (per sensor)
Angular Range (°) all
Latency (ms) 3.5
Operating Temperature (min) (° C) 10
Operating Temperature (max) (° C) 40
Operating Voltage (V) 85-264
Cable Length (M) 3.048 or 6.096 (optional)
OS 2000/XP
Hardware PC
Software SDK,Windows GUI
Interface RS232/USB (both included)
Degrees of Freedom 6
Number of sensors 1-8
Range from transmitter (m) 1.8 (± (optimal to 0.9))
Extended range transmitter 1.26-2.52 (40% extended)
Static Accuracy Position (cm RMS) 0.0762
Static Accuracy Orientation (° RMS) 0.15
Static Resolution Position (cm RMS) 0.0004
Static Resolution Orientation (° RMS) 0.0012
Distorted by Metallic Objects yes
Sensor Dimensions (cm) 22.9x27.9x15.2(23g)
Battery/Power Dimensions (cm) N/A
Transmitter Dimensions (cm) 5.8x5.6x5.6(250g)
Electronics Unit Dimensions (cm) 31x17.8x21.6(4.1Kg)



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Polhemus Patriot - electro-magnetic tracking system





PATRIOT is the leading cost-effective solution for 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking and 3D digitizing. It's an expandable system that can accommodate up to two sensors, making it perfect for a wide array of applications. From head tracking, biomechanical analysis and computer graphics to cursor control and stereotaxic localization, PATRIOT delivers a sweet spot combination of performance and value.

PATRIOT provides dynamic, real-time measurements of position (X, Y and Z Cartesian coordinates) and orientation (azimuth, elevation and roll). PATRIOT can update data continuously, discretely (point by point), or incrementally. With the optional stylus, you can trace the outline of a physical object or collect polygon facets and get pinpoint accuracy of unlimited X, Y and Z data points.

Technical Specifications:


Degrees-of-Freedom 6DOF
Number of Sensors 1-2
Update Rate 60Hz per sensor
Static Accuracy Position 0.1in RMS
Static Accuracy Orientation .75 ° RMS
Latency 17ms
Resolution Position at 30cm range 0.0015in/0.0038cm
Resolution Orientation 0.1°
Range from Standard TX2 Source Up to 5 feet or 1.52 meters
Extended Range Source n/a
Interface RS-232 or USB (both included)
Host OS compatability GUI/SDK 2000/XP


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